Hitchhiker's Guide Animated Scene

Motion Design


I animated a one minute clip of the "sperm whale scene" from the movie, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Don't forget to watch it in HD!


A requirement for the assignment was to give our animations context by assigning an imaginery project brief:

This short animation will be used as the first of a series of animations promoting the 2016 reissue of the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy book series. The project goal is to promote the well-known “sperm whale” scene from the first book; in context with the role of the infinite probability drive often used by the characters throughout their travels. These animations will be targeted towards young adults, who have for example seen the movie, but most likely haven’t thought about reading the books. By creating work in a digital medium, it is hoped that this will reach such audiences who would otherwise be unaware or disinterested.

The colour scheme is inspired by the colours used for the animated scenes in the 2005 film about the book itself. This consists of both opposing bright and neutral colours such as yellow and navy blue or burgundy placed in close proximity to create tension. This project will also include the juxtaposition of texture for the primary visual elements and flat colour fills for background and typographic components to further imply the quirky nature of the scene and overall story.

The first portion of the animation with the voice-over of the narrator will primarily use a serif typeface (Miller-text), but will also be accompanied by sans-serif (DIN) and cursive type styles. This is to create a more engaging visual to accompany what some may consider a neutral tone of voice. To differentiate, animated text for the whale will be limited to a sans-serif (DIN), and a rounded typeface in reflection of the comical tone of voice. All animated text will be accompanied by visuals such as the main subject of the dialogue, the whale, and supporting visuals such as clouds and an alien planet.