Found typography


In this project, the challenge was to express a word using found objects. Initially, I attempted creating the word "fade" using ink in water but the result wasn't as legible as I wanted. I then experimented with a bar of soap by carving into it. This resulted in an interesting textural effect since soap can change in density and form when water is added. I wanted to express the concept of "dirt" or "dirtyness" through the imagery of soap, but thought that using the word "dirty" was too direct. I decided on the word "shame" because I thought it expressed my intentions in a more thought provoking way, showing how expressive typography can be used to convey something ambiguous, such as a feeling like shame, by combining both language and imagery. When someone experiences shame, the natural response would be to try and rid of or 'cleanse' themselves of the source, which is why I felt that imagery of soap paired well with the chosen word.